Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

There are today more medical marijuana dispensaries in the United States than ever before. Many people who are sick or injured, or just want to feel better are choosing this alternative method of pain management to relieve their symptoms. As more states begin to legalize medical marijuana, the industry will surely grow and expand into new areas, giving new medicine to a world that is in desperate need of it. Visit for more info on marijuana dispensaries.
Legally, there are currently no laws against medical marijuana patients taking their medication from caregivers. This is not surprising, as marijuana is considered a natural substance, not an illegal narcotic, despite the federal government's position on the issue. In many states, the caregivers are also free to distribute their medication among their patient community, even if they are violating the law. Although many politicians and police departments are afraid of the potential black market for marijuana, advocates of legalization feel that the new laws will curb crime and protect the general public.
Patients who wish to legally use marijuana must obtain a valid ID card from their local state, which can take about a week to arrive. Once the card has been issued, patients must register with their local caregiver, who will oversee the distribution and care. In many states, medical marijuana dispensaries are required to register with local law enforcement, as well, in order to ensure that only approved caregivers are providing the drug. Although local law enforcement officials do not have jurisdiction over the dispensaries themselves, local law enforcement does have jurisdiction over patients who are arrested for marijuana possession or sale. In fact, arrests for marijuana violations are up nearly 20% in some major cities within the United States. Although marijuana is not considered dangerous by most people, the dangers of arresting someone for a small amount of pot are great, especially when the person has spent years in jail for possessing the drug. Check out this page to read more about  medical cannabis.
The cultivation of medical cannabis is strictly against federal law, and the penalties for growing or selling any marijuana plant are extremely severe, including prison time. Although it is not possible to legally grow plants at home for personal use, there are a number of companies that cultivate marijuana for profit and sell it on the black market. This has made it very difficult for those who are diagnosed with cancer or other debilitating medical conditions to receive the benefits of medical cannabis, and has caused the closure of many such businesses. If you probably want to get more enlightened on this topic, then click on this related post: .
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